Join our internship program

Welcome to join our internship program

 We at MedEducation.Org are looking for new members to say, you are welcome to join our internship program. due to the extra effort done by our limited team that placed our rank globally in the good position based on ALEXA traffic Rank Visit (Verify Here) and being accredited by HON code that means our content of health information is a trustful resource and can be used by anyone without being afraid of inappropriate or misleading information (Verify here)

Welcome to join our internship program

Welcome to join our internship program


We all looking for unusual caliber who is willing to help others and has special skills or trying to gain new skill to be part of our success team

Sectors for internship program

Medical writing:

Those who know how to write a scientific information in a very simple way observing many aspects of the article e.g. Grammar, Terminology, Plagiarism, Updated information and the most important issue is to be part of our scope

•   Educational Resources in the field of Hospital Epidemiology, Infection Control, Public Health and Healthcare quality

•   Worldwide training opportunities in the above fields

•   Database for the common used medication with details about Doses, Route, Active ingredients, Usage, and we will also discuss the side effects

•   Tips for the ease use of conventional software to achieve your target with minimal effort especially in the surveillance projects

•   Recruitment opportunities for the health care professionals

•   The biggest database for the NGOs working in the field of public health

•   Dynamic updates by our team and also by the users that can publish their papers, announcements, opportunities (after being approved)

•   Weekly highlighting one of the leading website to give you a chance of updating your web site favorite list

Event Management:

Persons who have highly social skills and know how to communicate with others (online and Offline) to organize our virtual classes and meetings plus to organize our offline training sessions (organized in many countries)


Online Marketing/ Fundraising:

Those are the activities that targeting people to join our Paid services or Pay to advertise with us


Social Media pages administration:

Managing the www.Mededucation.Org social media pages (Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and Twitter…etc.)


Website Administration:

Technical support to the website including (but not limited to) web editing, Multimedia creation, Backup, technical troubleshooting and many more


Benefit of joining our team;

By joining mededucation.Org internship program, you will be engaged with a highly motivating team members, you will learn and improve your skills, and you could join the crew once you are OK


You will get an authenticated certificate from MedEducation.Org for your internship experience with us that endorsed by HON code accreditation number.



If you are interested submit your CV via this link [rsjpSubmit]


Also please fill this registration form


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