Training program in social science research methods

The American University in Cairo that was founded in 1919 by Americans devoted to education and service in the Middle East. Throughout its history, AUC has balanced a strong commitment to liberal education with a concern for the region’s needs for practical applications and professional specializations. In addition, the university maintains its strong commitment to fostering understanding across world regions, cultures and religions. The Social Research Center (SRC) of the AUC organizes a three-month training program on an annual basis that is responsive to the needs of the development initiatives in the Arab region. The components of the training program are offered to a wide audience, including academics, government , NGO people and program managers from international donor programs working in development sectors.

Social science research methods course

Social science research methods course

The program offers multidisciplinary training in social science research methods with a substantive focus on the application in the development field. The purpose of the course is to acquaint participants with principles of research methodologies and to build the capacities of Arab researchers to face development concerns. The course develops the skills needed for data collection and analysis with an emphasis on orienting research towards producing policy guidelines.

The program provides intensive instruction of commonly used statistical computer packages for data entry, as well as epidemiological and statistical analysis. The focus is on data management and programming problems. related issues in each of those areas are discussed in the context of teaching the specific skills required to use the computer statistical packages effectively.

Introduction to Social Research Reference Source for Researchers in Population and Health, Quantitative Research Tool for Researchers in Population and Health, Secondary Analysis of Quantitative Data Guidelines for Project Assignment and Guide for Developing a Research Proposal those are the main training materials

Applicants in need of financial assistance in paying tuition and/or living expenses are advised to approach the international and regional agencies. Limited full and partial scholarships are offered on a highly competitive basis and are funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Hewlett Foundation. Applicants should complete the application forms online and submit them via




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