Myths about MERS-CoV as a novel virus

Myths about MERS-CoV as a novel virus


MERS-CoV is still the main topic discussed in all international health authorities worldwide as still new cases are added daily even all health authorities is going with the idea that the disease is going to be a history soon as experience learn from the SARS as the same family member of the disease but even during the massive condensed health education worldwide still many Myths about MERS-CoV as a novel virus was spreading, and people is repeating the wrong information leading to more and more panic

Myths about MERS-CoV as a novel virus

Myths about MERS-CoV as a novel virus


  • The virus can be prevented by receiving vaccines that were produced recently

No vaccine was produced so far for the vaccine and even some trials started to produce such vaccine but the new production of any human vaccine need some time to be approved and commercially produced it is expected that we need more tome (years) to have such vaccine for MERS-CoV, so still now no vaccine is produced.



  • The virus is 100% fatal  and no one get cured out of the corona-virus infection

Even the mortality rate out of the virus is still high reached about 60% in certain circumstances_ but the main cause of high mortality is co-morbidity the infected person has chronic diseases, extreme age, late diagnosis reduced medical service but in general more than 60% of infected people get completely cured after proper medical management of the disease


  • It is a bio-terrorism affecting certain race/countries

the confirmation or rejection of the theory of bio-terrorism is somehow difficult and need more investigation but so far the virus was infecting 22 countries worldwide and affecting almost all races not particular group, so this idea is very far from the actual as long as bio-terrorism is targeting the certain group of people in a confined geographical area, and this is spreading behind that so this is a novel virus (6th-coronavirus) affecting people, and some people died others recovered completely


  • The virus is part of the new multi-drug resistant organism and difficult to be killed

The virus is part of enveloped viruses and this group of viruses is very weak and can be killed easily by simple approved disinfectants so don’t panic it is just a corona-viruses and follow the proper hygiene personal, environmental, hand hygiene and cough etiquette so you will place yourself and other in very safe corner


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