Infection Control Nurse ICN,Oman

Infection Control Nurse  ICN,Oman
Infection Control Nurse ICN,Oman

Infection Control Nurse ICN,Oman

The Department of Infection Control in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital is inviting applications from experienced and qualified Infection Control Nurses (2 posts) to join its team of 1 Senior infectious Diseases Consultant, 5 Omani Infection Control Nurses (plus one expatriate that will leave in August). The contract would be renewable on a one or two year basis dependent on age. The salary is negotiable subject to meeting the university’s qualification and experience requirements for the grade and is tax free.

There are a gratuity of one month pay for each year completed payable at the end of the contract, and one paid return flight a year.

The flight is also paid when taking up employment and when resigning and a small allowance are paid for cargo sent. Free accommodation is provided, or a housing allowance is payable after the first 6 months.

4 days annual leave per month – weeks leave counted as 7 days – and public holidays during religious and national holidays account for approximately 12 days local leave and up to one week can be saved to add to annual leave..

The working hours are 7:30-14:30 – a 35 hour working week inclusive of 30 minutes break.

Experienced Infection Control team do on calls about once a month on the weekend that usually entails only 2 hour visit to the microbiology lab on a Saturday to advise the wards on isolation precautions, etc. when MDR results are received and giving end of telephone advice. This is compensated with an extra day off.

The university is also generous in releasing staff for specialist courses and conferences, and so meeting CPD requirements for the NMC is not usually an issue.

Oman has beautiful beaches and scenery. Road passes to the Emirates are available, and Dubai is approximately three and a half hours drive from Muscat.

June ,2013

Vacancy is available to accept applicants till Tuesday 18 June 2013
Good Luck

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