FREE CDC Webinar; Unsafe Injection Stories from the Field

Tune in to Safe Healthcare: Unsafe Injection Stories from the Field

Reusing needles and syringes? Yes, these injection safety breaches – and many others – routinely put patients at risk in this country. Don’t miss this webinar exposing the reality of unsafe injection practices! A must-see for every clinician or provider involved in giving and preparing injections, as well as health department officials who respond to issues, this session will help you in;

  • follow recommended infection control and prevention practices
  • understand and follow safe injection practices and guidelines

    FREE CDC Webinar; Unsafe Injection Stories from the Field

    FREE CDC Webinar; Unsafe Injection Stories from the Field

FREE CDC Webinar; Unsafe Injection Stories from the Field

  • Describe infection control techniques that reduce the risk and spread of healthcare- associated infections (HAI).
  • Identify unsafe practices that place patients at risk for HAIs.
  • Describe best practices for infection control and prevention in daily practice in healthcare settings.
  • Apply standards, guidelines, best practices, and established processes related to safe and effective medication use.


                         Welcome/Introduction Abbigail Tumpey, MPH, CHES and Joseph Perz, DrPH, MA
1:00 – 1:15        Perception vs. Reality: Direct

Observation from the Trenches

and the Risks We Subject Our

Patients To

Pamela Dembski Hart, BS, MT(ASCP), CHSP, Principal and Founder, Healthcare Accreditation Resources, LLC



1:15 – 1:30        The Doctor and The Mask: Septic

arthritis due to unsafe injections in

an outpatient clinic


Zack Moore, MD, MPH, Medical Epidemiologist, Communicable Disease Branch, North Carolina Division of Public Health


1:30 – 1:45       Hepatitis C: A Patient’s

Perspective, Its’ Causes, and

Possible Preventions

Evelyn V. McKnight, AuD. President, HONOReform


1:45 – 2:00       Question and Answer Session Joseph Perz, Pamela Dembski Hart, Zack Moore, Evelyn V. McKnight


Hurry and register to join the event, this event will be on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 for pre-register at no cost and view detailed agenda here:


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