Final Call for Online Submission of Abstracts & Scholarship Applications

Final Call for Online Submission of Abstracts  & Scholarship Applications

ICAN is the largest infection control organisation in Africa and has gone from strength to strength in education, training and extensive networking across Africa with membership in 24 countries. ICAN would like to hear more about IPC related research and the successful implementation/strengthening of IPC programmes in health facilities across the African Continent and invite you to present your research at the 6th ICAN conference to be held in Johannesburg between 25-28th Sept 2016. The abstracts will be published in the Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control (ARIC) journal and therefore the formatting will comply with the requirements of the journal.

Final Call for Online Submission of Abstracts & Scholarship Applications

Final Call for Online Submission of Abstracts
& Scholarship Applications

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Online Abstract Submission

  • Online abstract submissions close Tuesday 31 May
  • Visit the Congress website for the submission link & guidelines –
  • Use the menu navigation on the left hand side of the page and click on the ABSTRACTS menu button
  • On the Abstract page, click the button labelled “Click here to submit an abstract, which will divert you to the Abstract submission site
  • Please take a moment to read through the guidelines before submitting your abstract

Registering & logging in

  • If you have not yet registered, click the “Register” button (inside the “Log In Box” on the right hand side of the page) – this link will take you through to a profile page on which you need to complete your details in order to create a username and password for future login purposes
  • Should you forget your username and password, click the “Forgotten my password” or “Forgotten my username” links in the “Log In Box”
  • To login simply complete your username and password in the “Log In Box”

Submitting an Abstract

  • Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the “New Abstract” page
  • Select your chosen category and complete all author/co-author details
  • Should you wish to be considered for scholarship funding, the drop down menu indicating your preferred bursary/scholarship application is situated on this page, “Funding Opportunities to attend ICAN”. Choose the relevant scholarship category from the drop down menu
  • In the Abstract box, add your abstract information. Please note, should you be copying your abstract from another source, please copy and paste the abstract text into a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad) before pasting into the Abstract box and use the text editor provided, to prevent corrupt formatting of your abstract
  • Attach any supporting documents you may have to strengthen your application
  • Ignore the equipment drop down menu as this is not relevant to the Congress
  • Click the “Add” button at the bottom of the page. The page will then display “Current Abstracts” and will detail all abstracts that you have successfully submitted (including titles, date of submission as well as the ability to either edit or delete your abstracts)
  • A confirmation email will automatically be forwarded to the email addressed used for registration purposes, confirming the submission category and abstract title. An email will be sent for each abstract submitted and will be generated from the address Should you not receive this confirmation email within 30 minutes of submitting your abstract, kindly check your Junk Folder as your server may have rejected the confirmation email as spam
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted

Deadlines & Review Process

  • The submission deadline is Tuesday 31 May
  • Notification will be sent out by Thursday 30 June to all authors advising acceptance, (oral or poster), or rejection of abstracts

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