Collecting blood for microbiological investigation

We discussed in the collection of specimens for microbiology general tips about the proper procedure for collecting specimens for good microbiological  result in this article we will discuss the proper procedure for collecting blood for microbiological investigation that is crucial and the result is with great value specially for many life threatening conditions where septicemia is expected and proper antibiotics is life saving

Collecting blood for microbiological investigation

Collecting blood for microbiological investigation

In general aseptic technique need to be observed during the whole procedure avoid any contamination and provide full safety attention to avoid needle stick is mandatory patient blood is drawn into blood culture bottles which differ due to patient weight, antibiotic usage or culture type so find the appropriate bottle when you receive the lab request before going to the patient room

The procedure

  1. Trained person (e.g. phlebotomist, Lab technician, Nurse, Anesthesiologist …etc.) in needed in order to get proper sample
  2. Check the veins and choose the appropriate vein for the phlebotomy
  3. Hands Hygiene using alcohol based hand rub
  4. Prepare the venipuncture site vigorously by alcohol swab 70% vertical then horizontal for one minute (remember : don’t wipe dry )
  5. Never touch the venipuncture site after the preparation except if you use sterile glove aseptically!!!
  6. Draw the appropriate amount (based on patient weight ) of blood into syringe
  7. If two bottles of blood culture is requested inoculate the aerobic one first then the anaerobic
  8. Mix well the bottle content with the drawn blood
  9. Complete labeling for the bottle (Pt. name, MRN, collection date  …Etc.)

10. The collected blood has to be processed within 24 hours max. and to be stored in the room temp

Remember: overfilling of the bottle is not encouraged and sufficient volume of withdrawn blood is needed to optimize recovery of organism from blood



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