Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC)

Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC)


Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC)

Certification Board of Infection Control (CBIC)

CBIC could be a voluntary board that administers a certification degree to infection preventionists. The Certification has to be obtained by passing a 150-question examination. This certification measures information mastery of infection interference, infection control and medical specialty. Certified CIC® professionals should maintain their certification through repeat examinations each 5 years. Since 1980 once Association for Professionals in infection control and medical specialty (APIC) shaped the CBIC it will be thought of as most notable prestigious accepted infection control Examination and certification worldwide for Health care staff willing to figure within the filed of hospital infection control even it’s not necessary for job applying however it’s extremely desirable


Even though the examination consists of a hundred and fifty queries, the candidates score is predicated on a hundred thirty five questions. Fifteen questions are “pretest” questions. methodology accustomed set the minimum passing score is that the Angoff method, within which content specialists have evaluated every examination question and determined what number correct answers are necessary to demonstrate the information and skills needed to pass.; Among the a hundred thirty five scored things, some twenty five p.c need recall of knowledge, sixty % need application of information, and fifteen p.c need analysis of the case. the amount of examination queries on the examination from every content space is provided by every major (6 sections)


1. Identification of Infectious Disease Processes (18 queries )
2. Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation (38 Questions)
3. Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents (39 Questions)
4. 4. Employee/Occupational Health (10 queries )
5. Management and Communication (Leadership) (16 queries )
6. Education and analysis (14 queries )



For learning you wish to review the CBIC references that are categorised as primary and secondary sources for content data. Nearly all queries square measure supported material within the primary references. Secondary references is also helpful to assist clarify additional careful problems in specific apply settings or content areas like biological science.


Primary References:

• APIC Text , 2009.

• Kulich P, Taylor D, eds. The Infection Preventionist’s Guide, 2012.

• Heymann, D., ed. ; 2008.

• Ready Reference for Microbes,  2012.

Secondary References:

• Current Recommendations of the informatory Committee on immunization

Practices (ACIP).

• Current pointers, standards, and recommendations from CDC, APIC, SHEA,and Public Health Agency of Canada.

• Pickering, Larry K, ed. Red Book; 2012.


After Examination an immediate score report can indicate a “pass” or “fail.” Score reports give detail like raw scores by major content class. A raw score is that the range of queries answered properly. Pass/fail standing is set by the raw score. Score reports are mail-clad among 3 to 5 business days. Scores square measure rumored in written type solely, in the flesh or by U.S. mail and aren’t provided by phone , e-mail, or facsimile (fax).

Candidates who pass square measure allowed to use the designation “CIC” when their name for the 5 year amount within which their certification is valid. CBIC reserves the proper to acknowledge publically any candidate who has with success completed a CBIC certification examination, thereby earning the certification credentials. Official certificates are mail-clad four to 6 weeks when completion of the communication. Recognition are awarded thus as to not embarrass any candidate who is unsuccessful in an endeavor to realize certification.

Annually, a list of undefeated candidates are printed and a list of certified infection interference and management professionals is maintained on the CBIC website (www.cbic.org). data on this certification standing of a personal are provided in writing upon request. 

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