CDC announces call for research proposals in 6 broad categories

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted a call for research proposals for a competitive selection process. Contracts that are awarded based on responses to this broad agency announcement are as a result of full and open competition.

Funding of research within CDC will be determined by funding availability and the following broad research priorities:

CDC announces call for research proposals in 6 broad categories

CDC announces call for research proposals in 6 broad categories

  1. Microbiome assessment and intervention to address antibiotic resistance
  2. Understanding and prevention of antibiotic-resistant organism transmission and emergence
  3. Enhanced understanding of medication safety threats
  4. Evaluating the capacity for tracking and preventing antibiotic resistance threats in non-acute care settings
  5. Improving timeliness, accuracy and usability of public health surveillance and survey data
  6. Integration of epidemiologic and genomics data

CDC contracts with educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, state and local government, and private industry for research and development in those areas covered in Part II of this broad agency announcement. The government reserves the right to make multiple awards under this announcement.

This BAA establishes a four-step process for offerors contemplating submission of a proposal under this BAA. This sequence allows for an early determination of the potential for interest based on technical merit, applicability to CDC and projected funding. This process is designed to limit offeror and Government expenditure of effort to prepare and review formal proposals for research that may have little chance of being supported.

This is a good opportunity and is open for eligible candidates. try to prepare your proposal and prepare yourself in order to get the chance to win this opportunity

Interested, eligible applicants are instructed to seek further information through:

Contracting Office Address:
Attn: Eric Uhls
2920 Brandywine Road, MS-E18
Atlanta, GA 30341

Primary Point of Contact.:
Eric A. Uhls

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